By: Todd Matthews

You Can Take Her Phone but Not Her Faith 

 April 4, 2024

Every morning when the sound of the doors shut and her house was empty, Bai Zi Mei ran excitedly for her phone to join the online prayer meeting. In the mountains of an undisclosed communist country, your new sister from an unreached people group, has only prayed during the day when her son and daughter-in-law are out working the fields. But one day that changed.

Mom, if you don’t stop believing in Jesus you are going to hurt us,” sister Bai’s son scolded her. “They’ll take away our only social security and land guarantee,” he ranted on. Her daughter in law bawled about how Bai’s newfound faith would ruin her grandchildren’s future potential. These threats are real possibilities for believers in this country.

Sister Bai went to the Lord in prayer. The thought came to her to share this heavy burden with her brothers and sisters in the Lord in the online prayer meeting. This group chat has dozens of members all sharing in her tribal language. It was her lifeline to audio Bible passages, prayer, and worship.

But one day, her phone was taken and hidden by her family members that oppose the Gospel. When she finally found it, she scrolled frantically and could not find the prayer group on her phone. The app they used was not there either. It had been intentionally deleted.

A familiar feeling of despair came over her, as this illiterate grandma had no idea how to get the app back let alone find the prayer group. She prayed to God to help her.

A sense of peace came over her. She knew that she didn’t need to be afraid. Jesus had already given her hope when she was hopeless. He had already replaced her depression caused by sickness with joy and a sense of value. Her experience with Christ had tangibly changed her and she wasn’t going to give in to this attack.

Her prayers were answered. Our team showed up at her door to see her. They helped her reinstall the app and rejoin the prayer group.

Persecuted Christians gathered

Sister Bai is part of a larger movement happening right now amongst several unreached people groups. This country has nearly 400 unique tribal groups still unreached by the Gospel. The movement in her tribe has touched 10 villages. The house churches and smaller clusters of believers have survived three years of Covid lockdowns and several waves of persecution.

Please pray for Sister Bai’s family to come to know Jesus and pray for all the movements to continue.

Michelle and I just returned from a month in this country. We saw God at work in so many places and so many ways. It is hard to express how good it was to be back there and how hard it was to leave. We connected with so many people that we’ve been able to invest in over the years because of those who have invested in His Feet International.

God is still moving here and His Feet International has a work that God has sustained through so much.

Our work has continued through the pandemic era and increased waves of persecution. It is our conviction that God has built this house. Our network of trusted coworkers runs wide and deep. Many ministries have backed out of this country. One organization is decreasing support for His Feet International. However, we are still there reaching the unreached and sending them out to do the same. We expanded all over Asia, but never stopped believing in God’s work and Christ’s body in this closed, communist country. Will you invest in our mission today?

Here are some tangible ways to help:
$50 reaches a person in an unreached tribe.
$175 provides training for a leader
$400 supports an indigenous worker spreading the gospel and serving the poor for one month.
$1,560 pays the rent on a safe house for at risk team members for six months.

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