By: Todd Matthews

Would You Go to Church Here? 

 March 13, 2024

At first glance, the picture that you are looking at above may not look like much. It may look like an unfinished building or maybe even a greenhouse in the making. But, this picture above holds a story of the Lord’s faithfulness in an incredibly hard to reach place. This picture is of the Lord’s goodness. He used a couple pieces of bamboo, a little bit of mud, very willing servants, and you, to put this picture together. It means so much more than what it looks like.

God used these four things to plant a church in an unreached tribe on a remote island in the Philippines! The only way to reach it’s people, called the Dumagats, is through an intense and costly process. This process involves many documents, approval from the government, a month long wait, and a military escorted boat ride. And that’s just the beginning. Once arrived, there is a checkpoint to verify your permit. And then two more after that just to be sure. Maybe you are starting to see why this place is unreached. There’s still more to see.

Our team traveling to reach the Dumagats. 

We often talk about the difficult journeys that we have to get through to plant churches. You’ve heard me tell the stories of climbing through mountainous terrain or driving across bridges that seem like they might collapse underneath us. But, this one may take the cake.

The Dumagat people are a seafaring people group who engage in traditional hunting, fishing, and planting such as banana and coconut. They are highly exploited and desperately “wanted” by the NPA, a communist rebel army, because of their island’s goods and the youngsters they can recruit as soldiers. For hundreds of years the Dumagat people have been feared and isolated, adding to the reasons they are unreached. Bound by animism and superstition, this tribe needed to hear the Gospel.

Dumagat girl

Still the primary challenge faced by the Dumagat tribes is poverty.

Despite all of the challenges and reasons they are unreached, we’ve answered the call. His Feet International regularly sends indigenous missionaries and the result is that there is now a church on this almost impossible to reach Island and it has grown to 50 families.

You helped us to provide food, clothes, toys, and shoes to all 50 families. We installed solar street lights in their village too. Your support helped to pave the way for these families to hear the Gospel.

Dumagat children

The Gospel is advancing even in the most remote places. The bamboo church now looks like the photo below because of the Lord’s faithfulness and your partnership in advancing His Kingdom. Of course, mega-church leaders would probably not lead if this was the building they had. This church is made up of people, not bricks and steel beams. However, they do use a tarp to cover the structure from the sun and rain when necessary.

Christians gathered in front of church

You can watch a video of one of our outreaches below:

You gave us the opportunity to gather believers from five different islands to attend the church together and through that, another church plant was started. Please pray for us and consider making a donation to help us reach more remote places and people like the Dumagats

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