World Crisis Quiz

World Crisis Quiz

Answer Key

1. What is the only country in southeast-asia that was not colonized by Europeans? Thailand

2. According to the Global slavery index:Thailand is home to _ human trafficking victims? 610,000

3. How many leporsy quarantine villages are in China? 600

4. China is limiting kids usage of the Chinese version of tik tok (douyin) to how many hours per day: 40 minutes

5. Which country persecutes Christians the harshest? North Korea

6. Which country has nearly 42.9% of its urban population living in slums? Philippines

7. The Republic of Afghanistan, which is an Islamic Republic under Sharia Law, Allows Afghan men to take up to __ wives? 4

8. Which country has recently been declared the most dangerous country in the world? Afghanistan

9. Which country accounts for ⅓ of every cigarette smoked? China

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