By: Todd Matthews

Why We Should Care for Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters 

 February 26, 2024

In the picturesque countryside of northern Thailand, a small Christian church nestled among lush green fields and rolling mountains stood as a testament to the strength of faith and the power of community. This church’s story is one of destruction, resilience, and rebirth. It is a story that continues to inspire the select few that hear and demonstrates why we should stand with and support persecuted Christians around the world.

The church was built by the first believers in a predominantly Buddhist village that previously had never heard of Jesus. It served as a place of worship, a sanctuary of peace, and a symbol of unity among the Christian minority in this tight-knit tribal community. While the congregation was small, their faith was unwavering.

However, in a heartbreaking turn of events, the joy the believers were experiencing was shattered one fateful evening. A group of Buddhist villagers set fire to the Church. The flames devoured the structure, leaving nothing but charred remains and a community in shock.

It was a devastating moment, but it did not stop the believers. Instead of succumbing to anger, despair, or fear, they chose a path of forgiveness and resilience. They continued meeting in homes. The church almost didn’t make it because people had to count the cost of following Jesus. Thankfully a small handful of believers pressed on, deciding that no matter what they would follow Jesus. The small group of believers began to rebuild their church.

As the new church building began to take shape, it became a symbol of how nothing is going to stop the Gospel, and the advance of Christ’s Kingdom. Today this Church stands in the northern Thai countryside, serving as a beacon of hope, a place of worship of King Jesus, and as a witness to God’s restoration power, in a predominantly unreached area. Their light shines bright as the only church around for miles.

This year, Michelle and I visited this church and ministered to them. Over the last three years, His Feet International provided them with food packets several times when they needed it most. You the generous donors helped to care for physical needs. Your support also helped to send workers to preach the gospel and encourage the believers who suffered persecution.

   A woman listens to the Gospel intently in the same village.

Now there are twice as many believers than when the original wooden church was burned to the ground. The new church building is made of concrete and is much larger. On our visit we went door to door sharing about Jesus even to those that burned the church down. Several people responded to the Gospel.

This work shows why we should continue to both preach the Gospel to the unreached, make disciples, and care for persecuted believers.

His Feet International is caring for persecuted believers in several nations who need your help. Will you pray?

On August 16th, 2023, 24 churches were vandalized, and countless houses were looted and burned by a Muslim mob in Pakistan. Children suffered burns and Christians are forced to live in fields. Persecution is rampant in China, India, and Tajikistan.

Would you give your best gift to help the ministries of His Feet International continue to minister to persecuted believers?

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