By: Todd Matthews

When a Heat Wave Becomes an Emergency 

 April 25, 2024

There is an emergency right now that we are responding to. An. El Niño has caused a heat wave in the Philippines that hasn’t let up in two weeks. Daily temperatures hit over 100°F with the heat index registering over 115°F at times. It is so hot that schools have had to shut down. The heat and drought is not expected to end anytime soon. 

Children and elderly are having difficulty breathing. The heat is making the vulnerable ill in one of the most impoverished places we work. The place is referred to by the residents as the “Forgotten Community”. There are nearly 1500 men, women, and children living on this steep mountainside area near the garbage dump communities of Payatas. 

Image of shack in the Philippines

For many the weather is affecting their ability to feed themselves. The construction workers and those that rummage through garbage aren’t working. Those that collect bottles for recycling dehydrate quickly. 

A $5000.00 Gift Challenge was made by a ministry partner who is giving that amount to His Feet International to meet this emergency need. Meeting the challenge could double our impact in the Forgotten Community to help them through this crisis. Would you join in helping to meet this challenge to help more children and elderly?

$50.00 provides a packet of medicines, electrolytes, food for two weeks, water for one family, and a medical check-up. 

The Philippines has some of the best nurses in the world and a few are volunteering to help give medical checks and care to those suffering!  

Children in the Philippines

His Feet International has helped to feed the hungry, supply school children, and provide solar streetlights in the Forgotten Community. Our investment there has caused the Christians to rename their home the “Blessed Community.” More than 100 people have come to follow Jesus. Three Bible studies take place every week. The church still meets in the heat! This outreach will help our team gather people together and share the good news about Jesus with them. 

Without you we can’t be His Feet to the nations. 

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