By: Todd Matthews

What the Pandemic Did to Foster Homes in China 

 March 6, 2024

The lockdowns in China only ended earlier last year. The aftermath of the pandemic on the children in our foster homes has been heart-wrenching.

It was one thing to watch as the perpetual lockdowns and daily testing that took place for three years in China wore at the mental health of the children and the caregivers. It was quite another thing to know that some children who were matched with families in the U.S. for adoption could not go to their forever families.

One such girl was Tia who was abandoned as an infant. She has severe disabilities. Finally at 9 years old she was matched with a family. Tia had to wait an extra 3 years because her adoptive parents could not travel to China because of COVID-related travel bans. Thankfully that wait is over and Tia is now with the family that chose her. She just turned 13.

I took this photo of Tia before the Pandemic. Praise God she is with her forever family after a long wait.

Our dear friends and house parents of one foster home had to leave China due to an expired visa. It took them 2 & 1/2 years to get back in. Thank God they were able to return a few months ago. Now they are struggling to regain the relational trust of the children that they have been Mom and Dad to for the last several years. Please pray for them and the children who already were dealing with abandonment.

Throughout the Pandemic until today, His Feet International has not dropped our financial support of these foster homes. We have increased our support.

The foster homes are of vital importance as they provide stable, loving homes with adequate care to kids that are HIV positive and some that have other serious disabilities.

These are the children the orphanages don’t want but WE DO.

The reason these foster homes exist is because the government-run (and only) orphanages are afraid of children who are HIV positive and can’t manage severe disabilities. These are true “orphans” in that there is no known connection to their biological families. They were abandoned.

Inflation is up, giving is down. This is another result of the pandemic that has affected not just the foster homes, but all of our unique ministries.

Would you give a stable home to an orphaned child with disabilities?

Here are some specific ways you can help:

$100 provides food and supplies for a month for one child.
$650 provides monthly support for one foster home caregiver.
$3,200 provides total expenses for one foster home for a month.

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