By: Todd Matthews

Watered Seeds- Bearing Fruit, Bringing Hope 

 February 22, 2024

To young to fully understand what was going on, 5-year-old Kate trembled in fear watching the beads of sweat run down her mother’s face as her fever grew worse. She gripped her hand and worried if the same thing that just happened to her unborn sister would happen to her mom.

Before she knew it, her mother’s breathing began to still and she slowly closed her eyes. “Mama!” Kate screamed while violently trying to shake her mother awake. By the fifth shake, she realized her mother had passed.

It was 2020. Fear permeated the atmosphere and access to public healthcare was an impossible feat for everyone, especially for Kate’s family, living in abject poverty.

Kate is from the Badjao tribe. Her father earns a living by buying and selling scrapped materials or anything that he could salvage from the trash. There wasn’t much that her family could do to save her mother that had miscarried her child and was severely sick as a result.

Although Kate couldn’t save her mother, there was something that Kate’s mom did a year before she passed that changed the trajectory of Kate’s life. It was Kate’s mother who learned about the children’s program that His Feet International supports. It was her that happily brought Kate along to enroll, be a part of the feeding program and activities, and even attend church.

Kate’s mom planted a seed in her daughter before she passed that now is bearing much fruit.

Thanks to you Kate got to go to Camp this summer. She learned more about Jesus and made many new friends! She said that even while she is young, she is able to serve others and she can do all things through Jesus who strengthens her.

Some of the many kids that are being brought up in Christ through His Feet International

Kate is one of the many children we have reached in slum communities. This year His Feet International donors sent 250 kids to camp from the Badjao and Atta tribes. We continue to nurture them throughout the year through Bible studies, education programs, and food assistance. 

Please pray for our work in the Philippines and all over Asia. If you would like to give to our work of reaching, equipping, and caring for children, you can make a donation here.

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