Unreached People Groups

Unreached People Groups

Unreached People Groups

What is an Unreached People Group?

An Unreached People Group (UPG) is any distinct ethnic group that is less than 2% Christian. There are an estimated 11,300 people groups in the world today, each distinct from one another by virtue of their culture, language or geographical location. Of those, about 7,000 fall into the UPG category. Many UPGs have no Bible in their language and no churches.  Most have never heard the name of Jesus.  

Where are these Unreached People Groups?

Most UPGs are located in a geographical region referred to as the 10/40 Window, a rectangular area between the north latitude lines of 10- and 40-degrees, which encompasses North Africa, the Middle East and all of South Asia. The 10/40 Window contains the major religious strongholds of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and 80% of the world's poor.

What Does God Expect of Us?

Jesus told us in Matthew 28:18-20 to make disciples of all nations. The word that He used for "nations" is the Greek word ethne, from which the English word "ethnic" is derived. It could be better translated as "tribe" or "ethnic group." Jesus wants disciples made among all the people groups of the world, and it will come to pass! According to Revelation 7:9, one day people from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation will be worshipping before the throne of the Lamb of God!

But we have to do our part.

Jesus told us just what that part is… to GO into all the world and preach the Gospel. We have to reach the unreached. His Feet International has teams on the ground reaching unreached people groups. Several unreached people groups have had their first opportunity to hear the gospel from His Feet International’s "Partnership for Unreached People Groups". We are currently equipping and mobilizing more indigenous workers to go to unreached people groups to share the Gospel, make disciples, raise up leaders, and plant multiplying churches.  Will you help us reach the unreached?


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