By: Todd Matthews

Ukraine Relief: Orphans, Special Needs, Refugees 

 April 15, 2022

Picture this: You just got yourself, your family, and 32 others OUT of an extremely risky war torn place. How do you get the courage to go back into that place? The answer is love, God compels us to put his love into action through faith. A great preacher once said that Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.

This is what happened to Jed and Kim when Russia Invaded Ukraine. During the Invasion Jed led His family and 32 others out of Ukraine. Once Jed made it out of Ukraine however, He had a burning desire on his heart. The desire was to go back to into Ukraine. 

Jed went back and since then has been spearheading relief for Ukraine since the war started. Last week Jed drove a van load of relief supplies inside the danger zone where his ministry base is located. His arrival Brought sudden encouragement  to many desperate people

Jed’s team is still helping get relief distributed inside Ukraine and getting people evacuated. From medical clinics to food, you are helping Jed help people in Jesus’ name

Special Needs: When your nation is under attack, it is those who are dependent on others who become most vulnerable and at risk. On this trip, Jed rescued Yaroslav and Vova (Pictured above). They had been institutionalization due to the severity of their special needs. institutional life isn’t adequate in any country at any time, let alone when your country is under siege. Now Yaroslav and Vova are out of Ukraine and in Jed & Kims family!

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