By: Todd Matthews

Tribal Childrens Bible Camp 

 November 9, 2022

In a predominately Muslim area deep in the mountains of the Philippines live Christian families and indigenous pastors. These families, children, and pastors have been deprived of further Bible training due to covid restrictions in the Philippines. These restrictions also caused their congregations to be unable to meet. Growth and training are crucial in the kingdom of God. To ensure that these families know that the family of Christ is on their side and has not forgotten, we hosted a children's Bible camp and a pastor's training retreat. The pastors and 150-plus children received crucial Bible training, fellowship, and Worship. The Lord was moving in powerful ways amongst them and they received the spiritual nourishment and training that they desperately needed after years of gospel depravity due to covid restrictions.

Click here to watch the video and view the photo gallery of the tribal children's Bible camp:

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