By: Todd Matthews

Those With Leprosy Have No One on the Holidays – But You 

 March 18, 2024

His Feet International has been working in leprosy colonies among the unreached for most of the last two decades.

Bright colorful patterns light up the sky with their thunderous sounds following. During Chinese New Year leprosy patients can see the fireworks and hear the sounds from their mountaintop quarantine village. They are reminded that it is a time of families gathering and celebrating. They are not permitted to leave to see their family, nor would their families welcome them. Most residents have no relatives that visit. The fear and stigma of the cruel disease are still strong in these areas predominantly unreached by the Gospel.

On holidays our team prioritizes visiting them. We also go and meet physical needs monthly. We love to meet spiritual needs by introducing them to Jesus, the friend of affected by leprosy.

Relief at leprosy colony
Warm Jackets at Christmas!
Sharing Communion, many with leprosy have become believers
Leprosy takes the eyelids and devastates the limbs.

We provide medical care, food, and projects that enhance their villages.

Our team knows they can go to those with leprosy because of your generosity. They extend your kindness and friendship.

Please pray for our work. They receive little help from any other source. Pray for the eradication of leprosy and its stigma.

Our team is preparing to visit five leprosy colonies for the upcoming Chinese New Year. We need your help to buy warm blankets, food, and medical supplies. $75 buys all of this for one leprosy patient.

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