By: Todd Matthews

Solar Street Lights In The Forgotten Community 

 August 23, 2023

Six year-old Romina stumbled into the shack that she calls home crying out for her mother. "Mom, I fell again, this time on sharp rocks, it hurts so bad" said Romina with her hands on her knees. Her mother in the darkness tried to wipe the blood that was running down her legs. She said "Romina, I told you a thousand times before to come home before sun down, why didn't you listen!" Romina had fallen  on the dirt path worn into the steep hillside where they live. This darkness falls on the forgotten community every night as there is no electricity. Another kind of darkness is present as well. Drug dealers, traffickers, and thieves prey on people like Romina and her mother. The community leaders and Pastor Jerry, leader of the church we've helped revive, asked His Feet International to provide 100 solar powered street lights to help weed out the dangers or falling, and the dangers of evil. You the generous donors of His Feet International have provided all 100 street lights. Recently, the installation was complete. Please check out the video below. 

The Forgotten Community

The Forgotten Community is a slum in a hidden forest in the Philippines. The indiginous people have been living in destitute and impoverished situations. When His Feet learned about this community we felt God's calling to reach them and help meet needs.

They named themselves the Forgotten Community because the government doesn't recognize their identities, as most are migrant workers. 

There are over 2000 people living in poverty. We are present preaching the Gospel and raising up disciples.  

Because of your regular support many of them have heard the gospel and a church of 80 people has been planted. 

Thank you for your continued commitment and generosity in providing for the unreached, the poor, the persecuted, and the least of these.

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