Pressing Needs:

Provide Food for Hungry war-torn refugees.

A $40 gift will provide food distribution for a Burmese refugee. The food distribution will provide essential nutrition to families of refugees who are struggling to survive in the hostile Burmese environment. In addition, the food distribution will help to reduce food insecurity among Burmese refugees and ensure that their basic needs are met. We aim to raise $1750 to feed an entire Burmese refugee home for one month.

Teach An Afghan Women How To Read

$50 provides literacy training for illiterate Afghan refugee women and children to help them gain the skills they need to thrive. The training program will use a culturally sensitive and trauma-informed approach to teach basic literacy and numeracy, as well as English language and communication skills. Participants will learn how to read and write, understand numbers and equations, and communicate effectively with others. Through this program, refugee women and children will be empowered to access greater opportunities in education, employment, and social participation.

Provide Pastoral training for pastors in vietnam, india, nepal, Philippines.

$150 Provides a pastoral training program that is designed to equip pastors in Vietnam, India, Nepal, and the Philippines with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively lead their congregations. The training will cover topics such as biblical principles, leadership development, and effective communication strategies. Participants will also have access to resources such as books, videos, and online seminars to help them grow in their ministry. By participating in this training program, pastors in these countries can gain the tools they need to be successful in their calling.

Send A Child Of Leprous Parents To Bible Camp

For a $150 gift you can help sponsor a child whose parents are affected by leprosy to attend a Bible camp where they will receive love, care, food, and the opportunity to learn about God. These children live difficult lives as they are treated by society as outcasts since their parents have leprosy. They live in quarantine villages and are very poor. Please consider helping these precious souls experience the love that Jesus has for the leprous. We are making disciples and helping them to get ahead in life. 

Feeds A Leprosy Victim For One Month

For $40 you can help feed a leprosy victim for one month. We work in over several different leprosy quarantine villages in the worlds most populated country. Each leprosy camp contains 10-20 victims. Every $800 raised will feed all people in at least 1 leprosy village. We provide rice, cooking oil, blankets, clothes, toiletries, haircuts, Bibles, and other Christian resources. Within these colonies, churches have been planted and we are reaching people with the gospel.

Clean Wounds Of One Leprosy Victim

A $50 gift Provides crucial medical care to leprosy victims living inside leprosy quarantine villages. These leprosy victims live in villages on remote mountains. Our team travels monthly to several leprosy colonies to clean and treat rotting flesh. Leprosy victims require constant care as they cannot feel pain due to nerve damage. Typically hospitals wont treat them to due the stigma around leprosy and the victims are physically incapable of ever leaving the colony.  

To Feed A Family In The Forgotten Community 

'The Forgotten Community' Is a neglected shantytown-like village in the Philippines. His Feet International is the only ministry currently working in the 'forgotten community' The extreme neglect during covid-19 that this community faced, even while other villages received help is what caused the community to name itself The Forgotten Community. The community has no electricity.  Will you help remind the community of over 100 families that although the government has forgotten about them, God has not. Your donation will provide food and other assistance to the forgotten community. Every 50$ raised will help feed an entire family for one month! It is our goal to raise $5000 to provide for all 100 families.

Supports Native Missionaries For One Month

Help people hear the name of Jesus for the first time: In nations hostile to the Gospel, underground indigenous missionaries are reaching unreached people groups. They do this with little support from churches and they serve knowing they are risking arrest, fines, and even imprisonment. For $300 we can pay the rent for one of these missionary families for one month. They are grateful for any help they can receive. When you give to this need, you are directly supporting the ministries of indigenous missionaries on the ground in their homeland. If $3,600 is raised, we can provide rent to a native missionary for a whole year. 

Will Help A Child Escape War-Torn Areas In Burma

Inside Burma near the Thai/Burma border live hundreds of refugee children. There are multiple children's homes housing anywhere from 40-70 children each. These children have been displaced from their families due to the Myanmar military coup. The children have fled to safety leaving their families and villages behind. Many of them have traveled long distances by foot to reach the safety and refuge of the children's homes. When you give to this need, you are helping a child find safety. If you give to this cause, you are helping a displaced child receive housing, schooling, Bible training, food, and safety. A $60 gift can help one child escape to a childrens home. If we raise $3,000 we can continue to provide safety, supplies, food, schooling, And Bible training to all these precious refugees.

For Only $15 You Can Provide One Bible In A Tribal Tongue

Provide a Bible for tribal People living in war zones or gospel-restricted nations. His Feet International regularly supplies Bibles for those in need. In war zones, Bibles can be destroyed when people flee. In persecuted nations, Bibles are contraband and can be impossible to buy. They can also get confiscated by hostile governments. Our teams and partners have unique relationships to get Bibles to those in need. The average cost for a Bible in a tribal language is $15.00. It is our goal to supply 100 Bibles per month to some of the neediest places.

$35 Will Provide An Audio Bible To The Illiterate

Did you know that there are around 773 million illiterate people in the world? Most of whom are women. When you give a $30 gift, you are helping those who have no way to Read the Bible finally get a chance to experience the amazing word of God! We will distribute audio Bibles to those living in indigenous regions, mainly in Asia, who have no ability or means to read the Bible. Audio Bibles also service those who have no written language! 

$200 Will Help Native Missionary  Kids Receive an Education

Indigenous Missionaries serving the Lord in their native country are in need of support to help their kids receive an education. Please consider being a blessing to those that are a blessing to others. Ling Ling and Qi Jin are just some of many children whose parents are faithfully serving in some of the harshest nations in the world. Please consider supporting their children and help them pay for schooling. $200 will provide a month of schooling per child.

What Are Urgent Needs?

Urgent needs are emergency needs that are special and pressing. These are practical ways you can help meet a real and felt need right away. When you donate to a pressing need, you are making a significant and tangible difference in someone's life.

How Do We Choose Our Recipients? 

His Feet International only works with trusted partners that we are in relationship with. His Feet Founders Todd & Michelle Matthews spent over twenty years in Asia building our network of trusted partners on the front lines. 


His Feet is accredited by the 'Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.' (ECFA) and was also a recipient of Ministry Voice's 'Most-trusted non-profits' award. As a supporter, you can have confidence that your donation will make a difference.

supporter testimonials:

What they say

Hannah S. 

Business owner 

 His Feet International is a fantastic non-profit that is making a difference for the better. Every single encounter with them has left me happy and excitedly anticipating further future partnership.

Dan R.

Long time missions supporter

I’ve known Todd for over 30 years and have witnessed his faith and commitment to the “least of these” spreading the gospel to the unreached, the lepers and forgotten! Along side his terrific wife Michelle they have sacrificed for the Kingdom their entire marriage while raising six children who are disciples of Christ as well! Truly the fruit of His Feet is bountiful and I thank God for them and feel privileged to provide much needed financial support to this great ministry!

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                                                        Pressing Needs:

Send 50 Tribal Church Leaders To A Bible Training 



Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
100% of $2500 Raised


This July 50 Pastors and Church Leaders will get their first opportunity to attend Bible training since Covid. These Pastors/leaders live in the remote jungle area and desperately need the encouragement, training, and fellowship. 

His Feet Supports Full-Time Overseas Missionaries In Places Where The Gospel Is Most Scarce. 



Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
15%  of $12,500 Raised

His Feet International has key missionaries working in areas where we are making an impact. These are areas where the Gospel is scarce and the overall living conditions are well below the poverty line.  Giving to this need helps us provide relief to our partners who are in most need of support