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As a Pioneer Partner, your monthly commitment becomes a powerful force in spreading the Gospel to communities still waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Monthly donations provide consistent, reliable support that allows our missionaries to pioneer into unreached people groups, establishing churches and transforming lives. Your faithful partnership fuels their efforts, creating a ripple effect that continues long after your initial gift. Together, we become a part of something eternal – bringing lasting hope and the knowledge of Christ's love to the world's most remote corners.

We Need 150 Pioneer Partners To Join Our Team

Our goal is to reach 150 Pioneer Partners whose monthly support will be a powerful force for the spread of the Gospel. This critical number allows us to strategically allocate resources, invest in long-term projects, and ensure the sustainability of ministry efforts. With 150 partners, we can provide ongoing support for our missionaries, equip them with necessary resources, and expand their reach to impact even more lives for eternity. Become a part of a team that's changing the world – join the 150 who will make a lasting difference through the power of monthly giving!

With Your Help, We Can:

  • Send missions teams to reach 3 more Unreached People Groups
  • Dig 4 more wells in Vietnam, Laos, and the Philippines
  • Provide education for 100 more Badjao children
  • Care for 200 house church pastors suffering persecution 
  • Provide food and relief for 1,000 more refugees from Afghanistan and Myanmar
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Progress: 57 / 150 Pioneer Partners

What Our Pioneer Partners Are Saying


I donate monthly to uplift persecuted Christians. It brings me joy to offer consistent support, spreading love, hope, and encouragement. Together, we make a lasting impact in their lives, standing with them in faith and solidarity.

Debbie R.

Youth Pastor


I donate $200 monthly because I believe in His Feet's mission. By giving to where it's most needed, I'm confident my donation is making a difference, advancing God's Kingdom, and impacting lives around the world.

Hannah G.



I'm so thankful that His Feet International has provided me an easy way to invest into the Kingdom of God... I know that every month I am providing clothing, food, Bible training, first-aid, and the love of Jesus to some of the most outcast and marginalized people in the world.

Phil M.

Business Owner

The Difference Our Pioneer Partners Make

Reaching Unreached People Groups

Responding to Disasters

Supporting Persecuted Christians

Donate With Confidence

His Feet International has received a perfect 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, which is the highest rating that a non-profit can be awarded on this platform. We have also received a Platinum Transparency seal by Candid, and we are a top-rated non-profit with Great Nonprofits. We do the hard work of earning these seals of approval because we believe that transparency to our donors is absolutely crucial. Most importantly, we are committed to honoring the Lord in the way that we manage donations. This is why we are honored to be accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and to be regarded as a Most Trusted Nonprofit by Ministry Voice.

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Become a Pioneer Partner Today

Pioneer Partners aren't just donors; they're vital members of our missions team. Your monthly commitment makes you a partner in every soul reached and every life changed. Together, we are lighting up the world's darkest corners with the hope of the Gospel. Will you join us in this incredible mission?