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A pioneer partner believes there is a harvest of believers in every unreached people group. We believe that kids in the most marginalized situations should have the opportunity to thrive.  We believe that no person should go without education, clean water, and the opportunity to learn about Jesus. We believe that the Great Commission is a call to go everywhere, not just the places that are close and convenient. If you are passionate about reaching the unreached, helping persecuted christians, providing for those in the most dire situations, and spreading the love of Jesus to the world, you should become a Pioneer Partner!

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We Need 150 More Pioneer Partners to Join Our Team

Our need of an additional $15000 per month will bless Thousands more people. 

With your help, this year we hope to: 

  • Send teams to reach 3 more unreached people groups 
  • Dig 4 more wells in Vietnam, Laos, and the Philippines
  • Provide education for 100 more Badjao children 
  • Care for 200 Chinese House Church Pastors suffering from persecution 
  • Provide food and relief for 1000 more Afghan and Myanmar refugees


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Current Progress
Current Progress
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Your Monthly Donation Will Ensure A Continuation Of Gods Kingdom Increase

Reaching The Unreached

An Unreached People Group (UPG) is any distinct ethnic group that is less than 2% Christian. We reach in sustainable ways through discipleship training methods that build leaders who can build leaders in a reproducible way. 

Blessing Persecuted Believers

There are nearly 300 million Christians who are suffering intense persecution. In Asia it is estimated that 2 out of every 5 countries persecute believers. We bring the love of Christ to support those who need it most.

Training Disciples & Leaders

For any work that is established amongst unreached people to flourish it requires making disciples and equipping leaders. Training native and indigenous disciples who then can become leaders to their own people.

Emergency & Critical Needs

Part of being “His Feet” means giving water to the thirsty, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked. His Feet International has a long history of providing emergency relief and meeting critical needs for God’s family. 

Long-Term Approach

Through monthly giving, we follow a long-term approach that empowers communities to create lasting change.

We understand that communities are not simply seeking hand-outs. They desire sustainable solutions that empower them to take control of their own futures. By becoming a monthly donor, you join us in providing the tools and resources needed for these communities to make impactful and lasting transformations.

Your consistent support allows us to invest in projects that go beyond immediate relief and focus on long-term solutions. Whether it's providing education and skills training, supporting local entrepreneurship, implementing sustainable development programs, Creating disciples who create disciples, and providing continous love and encouragement to persecuted christians around the world. your monthly contributions enable us to make a tangible and sustainable difference.

Together, we can foster self-reliance, bring the love of Jesus, and empower communities to build a brighter future for themselves and future generations. Join our community of monthly donors and be a part of the transformative journey towards lasting impact.

What WE HAVE ACHIeVED Through Monthly dONORS

Through evangelism efforts, discipleship programs, and church planting initiatives, His Feet has brought the life-transforming message of Jesus to those who have never heard his name before. We have empowered local leaders, provided kingdom training, and established indigenous churches within these communities. His Feet has demonstrated a constant commitment to Jesus' command in Matthew 28:16-20 and we will continue to be committed to fufilling the great commission until every tongue and tribe has heard the mighty name of Jesus! 

Unreached People Groups

His Feet has been instrumental in addressing emergency and critical needs in various communities. We have responded swiftly to natural disasters, conflict situations, and humanitarian crises, providing immediate relief and support. From delivering essential supplies like food, water, and shelter to coordinating medical aid and trauma counseling. All in the name of Jesus and with the goal of showing his love to the world. We have also partnered with local organizations and volunteers to efficiently reach affected areas.

Emergency & Critical Needs

His Feet has stood alongside those facing persecution for their faith, offering practical assistance, spiritual encouragement, support, and discipleship. His Feet has provided support, including food, shelter, and medical support, to help persecuted Christians in their time of need. We have also continually sent out native missionary teams to visit, encourage, and minister to those facing persecution in gospel restricted nations. 

Persecuted Christians

The Forgotten Community

In the forgotten community of the Philippines, His Feet has brought continual hope and transformation. Through our dedicated missionaries, they have shared the gospel, leading to the birth of a church and the salvation of many lives. His Feet has provided essential support to those living in abject poverty, including food, clothing, and other necessities. Their compassion has reached single mothers, widows, and the sickly, offering them a lifeline in their desperate circumstances. Through generous donations, His Feet continues to make a lasting impact, ensuring that the forgotten community knows they are not alone and that God's love reaches even the most marginalized.

Leprosy Ministry

His Feet International has been a beacon of love and compassion for those affected by leprosy. They have tirelessly reached out to leprosy colonies, providing not only vital medical care, supplies, food and hygiene facilities, but also sharing the greatest gift of all with them, the gospel. By addressing their physical needs, His Feet International has brought comfort and relief to these individuals not just physically but also spiritually. We continually send teams to minister and disciple these precious brothers and sisters. Through our ministry, many leprosy victims have encountered God's love and experienced a renewed sense of dignity. 

Discipleship & Leadership Training

We have prioritized equipping new believers through discipleship training modules, providing them with a solid foundation in the faith and empowering them to grow as followers of Christ. Through their Bibles and discipleship training materials fund, they have ensured that resources are readily available to support the spiritual growth of individuals. Additionally, His Feet has taken on the crucial task of training and equipping national missionaries, enabling them to effectively reach unreached people groups and minister to the marginalized. Their commitment to training house church leaders and supporting underground seminaries has further strengthened the body of Christ. 

Why Give Monthly?


Effortless giving

With our seamless process, your monthly donation is set to happen automatically. You have the flexibility to make changes or cancel your contribution at any time, making it convenient for you to support our mission.


Consistent impact

By becoming a monthly donor, you provide steady support that brings peace-of-mind to families and children who rely on essential services like food relief and medical care. Your ongoing donations ensure that we can consistently provide the help they desperately need.


Empowering generosity

We believe that every contribution, no matter the size, has the power to make a lasting impact. When you choose to spread your gift throughout the year, even small and affordable donations can create tangible, long-term change. Your generosity, combined with that of others, creates a collective force for good.

Become A Pioneer Partner

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Messages From Our Pioneer Partners

Debbie R portrait

Debbie R.

Youth PASTOr

I donate monthly to uplift persecuted Christians. It brings me joy to offer consistent support, spreading love, hope, and encouragement. Together, we make a lasting impact in their lives, standing with them in faith and solidarity.


Hannah G.


I donate $200 monthly because I believe in His Feet's mission. By giving to where it's most needed, I'm confident my donation is making a difference, advancing God's Kingdom, and impacting lives around the world. 


Phil M.

Business owner

I'm so thankful that His Feet International has provided me and easy way to invest into the Kingdom of God. I donate to the leprosy ministries and I know that every month I am providing clothing, food, Bible training, first-aid, and the love of Jesus to some of the most outcasted and marginalized people in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I decide where my donation will go?

After clicking the 'donate' button you will be able to specify which needs your monthly donation will go towards. You also have the ability to choose multiple ministries to designate your donation to by clicking 'select purpose' and then '+ add new'

What ways can I donate?

Your can donate via credit/debit card, ACH payment, Check, or through Paypal

How much should I donate monthly?

Whatever amount you wish to donate is completely up to you. On our gift catalog page, you can see the amount of money it takes to accomplish certain objectives within each ministry. No matter what you decide to donate monthly, it will have a tangible impact on many lives and help further the Kingdom of God.

Where does my donation go?

Your monthly donation goes directly to His Feet International to support evangelism and discipleship, church planting, ministry to the needy, and to provide love and encouragement for persecuted Christians all over the world. The funds are used for establishing indigenous churches, providing practical assistance such as food relief and medical treatment, offering training and education, and empowering communities to create lasting changes and build a better future for themselves and their future generations.

Do you know the people affected personally?

All ministries that we present are for people in urgent or emergency need and those people are being ministered to by trusted partners of His Feet International or are for people whom we personally know. One of His Feet's unique positions is that we have spent much time in these countries and that our trusted partners and team members have worked with us for many years. 

Will I recieve verification of my donation for tax purposes?

Most donations to His Feet International are tax deductible. You will recieve a thank you email each time your monthly donation is processed. When it comes time to file your taxes this email will be proof of documentation for your donations.

Can I receive updates or reports on the impact of my monthly donations?

Yes we send out email field reports often. You can also email us and ask for continual monthly reports on the specific ministry that you are supporting.

Will my personal and financial information be secure?

All of your personal and financial information is safe and secure. We use a third-party payment processor that works with hundreds of non-profits around the world. None of your information will ever be given away under any circumstance.

Can I cancel or pause my monthly donation?

Yes you can pause your monthly donation at any time. 

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