The Persecuted Christians Ministry

Supporting Faith in the Darkest Places

Millions of Christians worldwide risk their lives daily simply because of their love for Jesus. They face imprisonment, violence, and are denied basic necessities. Your support is a lifeline, supporting persecuted believers in their hour of greatest need, letting them know that they are not alone.

Our Mission

The mission of the Persecuted Christians Ministry is to encourage and equip believers to remain true in their witness for Christ when faced with severe opposition.

Where We Serve

Although we cannot disclose specific regions where we serve for security reasons, His Feet International is working in closed countries where persecution against Christians is most extreme.

The Need

Millions of Christians around the world today experience threats, exclusion, imprisonment, violence, or even loss of life simply because of their choice to follow Jesus.

Supporting Christians Who Are Under Attack

Our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world often endure harsh persecution because of their faith. His Feet International works in the 10/40 window, sharing the gospel in closed countries where it is dangerous to be a Christian. When believers from Unreached People Groups receive Jesus, their newfound faith is often perceived as a threat by their families and their surrounding community.

At His Feet International, we stand with persecuted Christians and come alongside them in their suffering. As we share the gospel with unreached communities, we understand the need to prepare new believers for the opposition they will face.

The freedom to worship openly is a privilege that many Christians don't have. Many face threats, physical abuse, imprisonment, and even death. Our persecuted brothers and sisters need to know that they are not forgotten by the global Body of Christ. By meeting practical needs and encouraging those who are under attack, we are displaying our love for Jesus.

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Encouraging the Persecuted Church

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Through Underground Conferences

In the face of growing persecution, we provide encouragement for persecuted pastors and Christian leaders. Our retreats offer them respite, love, and a place to heal as they cry and share their stories. We equip these leaders with essential biblical training, strengthening them to shepherd their flocks as they persevere through fiery trials.

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Through Prayer Support

Persecuted Christians are under spiritual attack, yet they do not waver in their commitment. They don't ask for their suffering to end, only that they would endure and be faithful to the end. Join them - pray for their protection, pray for their faithfulness, and pray for their ministry.

Stewarding Every Donation Carefully

You love the persecuted church and want to know that your donations are being put to the best use. This is why His Feet International is committed to financial integrity and low overhead costs. When you make a donation, less than 11% of your gift covers administrative costs. We keep staff salaries modest and use donated office space. This is because we love our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ and want every dollar to make a kingdom impact. We have a perfect 4-star rating on Charity Navigator and are accredited by the ECFA. We have also been named a Most Trusted Nonprofit by Ministry Voice.

Financial Integrity Badges

Because Love for the Persecuted Church Demands Action

Love for the persecuted church is not passive. It is a love that compels us to act. When we witness our spiritual family facing injustice, our hearts cry out. Your donation is love in action—it protects the persecuted, strengthens the vulnerable, and sends a powerful message that your brothers and sisters are not forgotten and they are not alone.

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