Persecuted Believers

Persecuted Believers

Persecuted Believers

There are nearly 300 million Christians who are suffering intense persecution. In Asia it is estimated that 2 out of every 5 countries persecute believers. Christians in these persecution hot spots suffer the confiscation of property, closure and destruction of churches, loss of jobs, house arrest, beatings, imprisonment, and even martyrdom.

Care – Retreats for Persecuted Pastors and Leaders

Our response to growing persecution has been to bring persecuted pastors and leaders together to care for them. At these retreats we encourage them, love on them, and give them a place to cry and share their story. Biblical Training is given to help these leaders care for their persecuted flocks better.

Prayer and Awareness

From behind the scenes we are mobilizing prayer for the persecuted church and bringing awareness to the larger body of Christ.

Strategic Partnerships.

Through a large network of relationships in the persecuted world we have
developed key partnerships working in the top 10 countries where persecution makes following Jesus extremely costly. One of our partners even works in the number 1 country.

Financial Support

When those leaders we are in relationship with suffer persecution or someone under their care suffers we often raise funds to help in their time of distress. Persecution can affect a Christian leaders income.

The Nations

We have personally ministered in 8 countries on the top 50 list of most persecuted places. Two of those countries are in the top 10. It is our discretion here to not call out any country by name. The reason for this is for our own security as we often travel to some of these countries and for the security of those we work with. To find out the specific countries where we are working, please contact us. 

What Persecuted Believers want us to Know

Many leaders from the persecuted church world want to believers in free
s to know that they are not giving up on the faith. They ask you to stand with them in prayer. They are not asking for persecution to stop but that they would be found faithful.


Open Doors is where we gather the numbers and the top 50 list.

Christian Tartar men gather to pray. Tartars in Crimea, a disputed territory, are predominantly Muslim. Tartar Christians are often persecuted for their faith. (Photo from IMB)

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