Persecuted Believers

The Persecuted Church – The church is persecuted in Asia’s largest countries. To this day there is still much suffering that takes place for those who commit to follow Jesus. This persecution can take many forms. It can be from denying basic human rights to a prejudice that affects the believer’s life deeply. Many of the believer’s we work with have suffered some form of persecution for their faith. The persecution we have seen personally has been constant intimidation and harassment from police and government officials. The confiscation of personal property such as Bibles, mp3 devices, and Christian materials happens regularly.

We have ministered to people who have spent several years in jail for their faith. In other places where we have planted churches the police have forced the believers to stop meeting together.  In most of our work persecution is present.   We help persecuted believers to receive help and encouragement in their time of need. Your donation shows persecuted believers your love and that you are standing behind them.  Be sure to read about our recent bout with persecution. (Click on “Freedom for Granted” on the right.)                                  



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