By: Todd Matthews

Noisy Neighbors Save a Marriage 

 March 8, 2024

“They are so loud!” Menard said to his wife as he peaked through a crevice in his bamboo hut. He squinted his eyes and tried to get a glimpse of the man speaking in the building beside him. Manard was mad enough that the neighbors were noisy.

Drawing his ear closer to the crack, he heard the man mention a name that immediately made him grit his teeth. Clenching his fist, he turned and said, “Anacita, they are talking about Jesus. It’s all a bunch of nonsense.” He immediately grabbed a shirt and furiously stuffed it in the crack in hopes of muffling out the noise.

But, the message grew louder. Before Menard could get up fast enough to grab another shirt, other voices started to join in harmony singing, “thank you Jesus for the blood.”

Menard plugged his ears and decided to go straight to bed. But, Anacita stayed up and listened. Something about the joy in their song brought her to tears. There was something they seemed to have that she had lost long ago- hope.

Menard and Anacita met when they were both working in Dubai as overseas workers. Everything in their life was going seamlessly, until the pandemic shut the world down. Their company faced a recession and they lost their jobs. They returned to the Philippines and took up residence in the Forgotten Community. They set up a small store in the house they were renting. Initially, they were both happy and ready to take on this new challenge.

But, as they began to struggle to make ends meet in a tanking economy, their relationship began deteriorating too. Menard cheated with Anacita’s friend and she fell into a deep depression. Menard was left with an even harder heart toward God and his wife. Anacita was left with a broken one. Divorce seemed unavoidable.

That night of Menard’s fury and Anacita’s tears wouldn’t be the last time they would hear the noisy church.

Week after week, they would hear the parables about Jesus’ chasing after the one, or hear how Jesus had died on the Cross for their sin and wanted to give them eternal, abundant life. One week our partner, Pastor Jerry and Sister Nelia, heard the couple was hurting, and took food to them. All of this continued to intrigue Anacita and slowly started to soften Menard. What they both didn’t realize was that God was slowly drawing them to Himself.

Eventually the mention of Jesus’ name didn’t cause Menard to clench his fist anymore. Strangely it brought about a sense of peace that he couldn’t explain or understand. He made a decision to do something he said he would never do. He went to the loud church meeting with Anacita.

The moment they entered the fellowship of believers, they both began to cry as they encountered the Holy Spirit healing their hearts. They made a decision to follow Jesus and gave Him all. They’ve grown as disciples. Menard actually volunteered and installed the solar street lights high up in the trees. God did an incredible miracle in restoring their marriage and saving their souls.

If you have given to His Feet International or have prayed for our ministry then you have a huge part in this and many more healing testimonies. Jesus is the answer. He still heals today, and gives peace and hope.

Thank you for being a part of Menard and Anacita’s story by providing food for them and growing the church that would eventually reach them.

The His Feet International family has provided 100 solar street lights, monthly food packets, back packs and school supplies, and weekly discipled over a hundred children.

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