By: Todd Matthews

Mother’s Day Made Better in Forgotten Community 

 May 18, 2024

This past Mother’s Day weekend, your support brought life-saving aid – medication, water, food, medical check-ups, and oxygen treatments – to mothers and children in the Philippines who have been suffering under a deadly heat wave.

As you may know from our recent emails, this heat wave has been devastating across Southeast Asia. But thanks to the generosity of His Feet donors, we’ve already been able to provide relief for 150 adults and 150 children. We want to highlight one story in particular: Annalyn’s.

Annalyn, a mother of twins, is one of the people who has received life-saving aid. Her story reflects the hardships faced by countless families struggling to make ends meet. Despite her husband working in construction, their income barely covers their basic needs and his work hours were drastically reduced by the heat.

To provide for her family, Annalyn works tirelessly, taking on multiple jobs like laundry work, selling goods, and scavenging. This often means leaving her young children at home, relying on the kindness of neighbors to watch over them.

When her twins fell ill during the heat wave, this added additional hardship to their already difficult situation.

Thanks to your support, medicine, medical care, water, and food were given to Annalyn and her children. This relief was a lifeline in their time of desperate need.

Annalyn is much more open to the Gospel, and the compassion that was shared with her has helped to further soften her heart. Our team will continue to follow up on her. Below are a few images of Annalyn and others receiving aid during the recent outreach.

We are so grateful to those of you who have given towards this urgent need so far.

The need, however, extends beyond the Philippines. Our partners in Thailand, Myanmar, and China are reporting dire conditions as the heat wave continues to scorch the region. Families in these countries are also in urgent need of help.

We can’t stand by as these already vulnerable families face food insecurity, dehydration, and worse. Will you help bring life-saving relief to these communities? Your donation today will help provide medical care, water, and food to those who need it most.

Annalyn and countless others like her are counting on us. Will you help extend a lifeline to those in desperate need?

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