His Feet International Earns The "Most Trusted Non-Profit" Award 

His Feet International Earns the "Most Trusted Non-Profit" Award

As Christians, we are called to be stewards of our resources, and part of that responsibility involves supporting ministries that align with our values and make a Kingdom impact on the world. But with so many worthy causes, choosing where to donate can feel overwhelming.

That's where His Feet International stands out. Recognized as a "Most Trusted Non-Profit" by Ministry Voice, His Feet International has earned the trust of Christian donors and partners worldwide. This distinction signifies our commitment to the highest standards of ethical and financial accountability.

This independent evaluation provides additional assurance that your donations to His Feet International are being used effectively and responsibly.

An Accredited Christian Non-Profit

While His Feet International's 4-star Charity Navigator rating and top-rated status with Great Nonprofits demonstrate our commitment to transparency and effectiveness, accreditation by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and Ministry Voice carries particular significance for Christian donors.

ECFA's rigorous accreditation process goes beyond financial transparency, ensuring that His Feet International adheres to the highest ethical and biblical standards in all aspects of our operation. This means we are committed to:

Low Overhead

We minimize administrative costs so that a maximum of every dollar you donate goes directly to our programs and services, maximizing your impact.

Financial Integrity

We maintain strong financial controls and undergo regular audits to ensure responsible stewardship of your donations.

Ethical Fundraising

We adhere to ethical fundraising practices, ensuring that our fundraising activities are transparent and honest.

Board Governance

We have a strong and independent board of directors who oversee our operations and ensure that we fulfill our mission with integrity.

Financial Integrity Badges

There Are an Estimated 3.40 Billion People Who Are Unreached by the Gospel

Your generous support enables us to bring the Gospel to some of the hardest to reach places on earth. Not only are we laboring to share Jesus with Unreached People Groups, but we are also sharing the love of Christ with those who are considered outcasts by society, including persecuted Christians, Afghan refugees, and victims of leprosy who live in isolation.

Reaching Unreached People Groups

Unreached People Groups represent a significant portion of the world's population, and reaching them with the love of Christ is a crucial mission for His Feet International. We believe that every person needs to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ, and we are committed to working alongside local partners and communities to make this possible.

His Feet International is committed to the Great Commission and the call to reach all nations with the Gospel.

Gathering of Christians

Supporting Persecuted Christians

Around the world, millions of Christians face persecution and discrimination simply for their faith. They are denied their basic rights, attacked, and even killed for their belief in Jesus. In the midst of this suffering, His Feet International is a lifeline of hope, providing vital support to persecuted Christians and their families.

We have been actively involved in supporting Afghan refugees who have fled their homeland due to persecution and violence. We provide them with food, shelter, medical care, and other essentials, as well as helping them integrate into their new communities.

Meeting Critical Needs

Millions of people around the world lack access to basic medical care, leading to preventable suffering and death. In the face of this critical need, His Feet International is dedicated to relieving the suffering of those Jesus referred to as the "least of these".

In times of crisis and natural disasters, His Feet International is quick to respond by providing emergency medical relief and supplies to affected communities.

Loving the Unreached and the "Least of These"

His Feet International demonstrates the love of God by meeting both the practical and spiritual needs of the poor, the outcast, and those Jesus calls the "least of these."