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Discipleship & Leadership Training

His Feet International is focused on leadership and discipleship training among unreached groups. Our Ministry Provides resources and modules for new believers in order to help them build a solid foundation of faith while protecting them from cult influence. We also train and equip local missionaries to spread Gospel and serve the needy. We also offer training to seminaries and house church leaders, strengthening leadership skills all over the world.

Emergency & Critical Needs

His Feet International is committed to providing emergency relief and meeting critical needs for those in need. We have a track record of responding to various crises, including the Covid-19 Outbreak, earthquakes, fires, floods, and medical conditions. Their ministry extends to rescuing women trapped in sex slavery. Through their relationships with church leaders in Asia and the support of donors, they are able to show God's love by offering practical assistance in times of disaster and individual critical needs.

Leprosy Ministry

His Feet International is actively involved in ministering to leprosy victims living in isolated colonies. We provide medical care, supplies, and hygiene facilities to improve the lives of those affected by this cruel disease. Our ministry extends love, acceptance, and the message of Jesus to leprosy sufferers who face rejection and isolation from society. By addressing their physical needs and sharing the hope of Christ, His Feet International aims to make a significant impact on the lives of leprosy victims.

Unreached People Groups

His Feet International is dedicated to reaching Unreached People Groups (UPGs) around the world. We work mainly in the 10/40 Window, focusing on regions with a high concentration of UPGs. Our ministry involves sharing the Gospel, making disciples, and planting multiplying churches among these groups. Through "Partnership for Unreached People Groups," We have provided the first opportunity for several UPGs to hear the Gospel. His Feet is equipping and mobilizing indigenous workers to further reach the unreached. 

Persecuted Believers

His Feet International supports persecuted Christians worldwide. We provide encouragement, care and biblical training for persecuted leaders and pastors. His Feet mobilizes prayers and raises awareness to help the persecuted churches. His Feet has strategic partnerships with the top 10 countries that are experiencing severe persecution. We provide financial assistance to leaders and believers during times of distress. Our ministry stands by persecuted Christians and seeks ways to strengthen their faith in the face of persecution.

Handicapped & Medical Needs

His Feet International actively addresses the needs of individuals with physical disabilities and emergency medical situations in Asia. We provide assistance such as wheelchairs, facilitate doctor's visits, and support major surgeries. Our focus extends to helping Christians, House Church pastors, leprosy victims, and those living on the streets with emergency medical needs. Due to the cash-up-front basis for medical treatment in most Asian countries, this fund enables individuals to receive quality medical care that they would otherwise be unable to afford.

A Closer Look At Some Of Our Ministries:

Emergency & Critical Needs
Myanmar Outreach

His Feet International recently embarked on a mission deep into Thailand along the Thai/Burma border. We visited two schools they have been supporting. One is a children's refugee home in the Burmese jungle, providing shelter for around 60 displaced children. The other is a thriving Bible school on the Thai side for young Karen minority refugees. They delivered much-needed supplies including Bibles, food, mosquito nets, water filters, and sports equipment. We also ventured into Burma, escorted by Karen Army soldiers, to deliver supplies to a children's home deep in the Burmese jungle. Despite the dangers, their mission brought joy and relief to these children in need.

Leprosy Ministry
Brother Bao

Jin Bao, a lively and mischievous boy from a small Chinese province, was struck by tragedy at age 11. Diagnosed with leprosy, he faced numbness and rejection. Branded as a monster, even by his own family, he was forcibly sent to a leprosy quarantine camp under armed escort. Jin's initial escape attempt failed, leading him to accept his new reality. Living in overcrowded mud huts with 120 other patients, he never left the village for 67 years. This plight was shared by countless leprosy sufferers in China from 1948 to 1990. His Feet International serves in various leprosy colonies, providing essential aid and sharing the love of Jesus. Your support offers sustenance, supplies, and a chance for these precious souls to hear the gospel and follow Christ. When you partner with His Feet International, you are actively providing the love of Jesus to this precious brothers and sisters.

Discipleship & Leadership Training

Training Pastors From The Walkie-Talkie Church

During the COVID lockdowns in the Philippines, Pastor Paulo sought a way to keep his church in fellowship despite the lack of communication options in his remote village. With no electricity or internet, he came up with a unique solution – conducting church services through walkie-talkies. For months, he faithfully led his congregation through these simple devices. Pastor Paulo also had a burden for pastors in other remote villages, leading many to the Lord and mentoring them for leadership. After months of praying, he finally had the opportunity to gather these leaders from 15 different villages for training. With the support of His Feet International, the training took place, bringing great joy and anticipation to Pastor Paulo. The leaders were encouraged to emerge from the pandemic stronger, more missional, and equipped to spread the gospel.

Become A His Feet International Pioneer Partner

You can make a huge impact on the lives of those who are in need by becoming a regular donor at His Feet International. Our commitment is to reach the unreached and provide Kingdom training while caring for those in need. You will be directly supporting evangelism and discipleship as well as church planting and the ministry of care to the poor. This monthly gift allows us to plant indigenous churches, make a difference, and establish a sustainable impact. Let's work together to share Christ's hope, provide for practical and spiritual need, and lift up the poorest of the lowly.

Blog Posts & Recent Reports

Earthquake Relief In Turkey

Although we are humbled to be recommended as Ministry Voice’s featured organization for earthquake relief in Turkey. This is no time to celebrate because the people of Turkey are suffering far too much. We share this news because we hope this recommendation will help further our relief efforts in Turkey.

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Earthquake Relief In Turkey

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