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Why Choose His Feet?

Leprosy Ministry

To Jesus nobody was untouchable. He clearly demonstrated that no class, no occupation, no race, no gender, and no disease were off limits to his loving care. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of this is when Jesus touched lepers (Matthew 8:2). Leprosy was a disease that was so feared by people that those stricken with the disease were forced to live as outcasts in a never-ending lonely quarantine. But Jesus brought his life and light into this lonely world, he even hung out in the home of Simon the Leper (Matthew 26.6).  There are still Leprosy victims living in quarantine villages and they also are despised and rejected. 

Discipleship Training

For any work that is established amongst unreached people to flourish it requires making disciples and equipping leaders. We accomplish this goal through Biblical discipleship and leadership training. New believers are immediately given opportunity to participate in discipleship training modules. They are also resourced through our Bibles and discipleship training materials fund (link this). Discipleship training is of utmost importance because of the influence of cults that prey on Christians in this part of the world.  Laying a foundation in the faith through the word of God is absolutely necessary for a healthy multiplying church to emerge. During discipleship training leaders are identified and equipped specifically as church leaders.

Unreached People Groups

An Unreached People Group (UPG) is any distinct ethnic group that is less than 2% Christian. There are an estimated 11,300 people groups in the world today, each distinct from one another by virtue of their culture, language or geographical location. Of those, about 7,000 fall into the UPG category. Many UPGs have no Bible in their language and no churches.  Most have never heard the name of Jesus.  

What Our Supporters Are Saying:

 His Feet International is a fantastic non-profit that is making a difference for the better. Every single encounter with them has left me happy and excitedly anticipating further future partnership.

Hannah S.

Business Owner

I’ve known Todd for over 30 years and have witnessed his faith and commitment to the “least of these” spreading the gospel to the unreached, the lepers and forgotten! Truly the fruit of His Feet is bountiful and I thank God for them and feel privileged to provide much needed financial support to this great ministry!

Dan R.

Missions Supporter

Don't Hesitate, Make Twice The Difference Today!

Please pray and consider making a huge difference in someones life. Whether it's a  leprosy victim, an Unreached person, a persecuted believer, or the least of these, your Impact is doubled until the end of 2022.

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