By: Todd Matthews

Living Water in a Communist Nation 

 March 4, 2024

Kham Ma and Thao Sa Tong are two underground house church leaders that wanted to help their people. They both were fed up with the pollution that spews into their already dirty ponds that serve as the only water their children can drink. New factories were recently built by a very large neighboring communist nation and the chemical runoff has been found in the air and water. In several villages of the Bru tribe, an unreached people group in Southern Laos, men, women, and children, were getting sick from the water before the factories were built. They started to get even sicker.

These are pictures of two places that the Bru people were getting water from before you the donors of His Feet International helped to drill wells.

No one would do anything about it. That is until His Feet International learned of the need for clean water from our Vietnamese partners who minister across the border inside Laos.

Sa Tong, and the house church he planted, live in an area surrounded with rubber plantations that are riddled with herbicides and pesticides. The place where the locals used to get water from is also polluted by the discharge from the battery and motorbike factory nearby.

Kham Ma’s village did not have enough water, especially in the summertime. Their water used to be taken from puddles or holes they dug in the earth. Their other option was the Sepone river, about a mile from the village, but this was polluted itself from the cassava processing factory and of course it was too far to carry.

In 2023 we drilled bore wells in four different villages complete with pumps, tanks, testing, filters and pipes. The results are that the local people are more open to the Gospel! We have seen many times how clean water can open the hearts of entire villages. The house churches in all four villages are reaching more people.

Where the locals once experienced waterborne illness and were concerned about where their water would come from, they are now getting healthier and no longer worry about their water source!

One of the four wells we drilled and equipped in Laos

The water that you, the donors of His Feet International provided is a witness of love to the people and more importantly, it is pointing to the One who gives living water. The One who provides water that will cause us to never thirst again. (John 4:13-14)

We are incredibly grateful for the fruit of their labor and are grateful that you have provided their communities with both physical and living water. Thank you.

Another well site. Many members of the Bru tribe enjoying their new and clean water source.

Our partners on the ground are asking for us to help with more wells, especially in Laos and India. Would you give a donation today? Your support makes it possible for us to continue planting wells among Unreached People Groups, softening hearts to the Gospel.

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