Leprosy Ministry

Leprosy Ministry

To Jesus nobody was untouchable. He clearly demonstrated that no class, no occupation, no race, no gender, and no disease were off limits to his loving care. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of this is when Jesus touched lepers (Matthew 8:2). Leprosy was a disease that was so feared by people that those stricken with the disease were forced to live as outcasts in a never-ending lonely quarantine. But Jesus brought his life and light into this lonely world, he even hung out in the home of Simon the Leper (Matthew 26.6).  There are still Leprosy victims living in quarantine villages and they also are despised and rejected. 

Many of us know the things Jesus said and know the things he did. One of the challenges for believers and the highest goal of our ministry is to not just know what he said, but to do what he did. This means a bulk of our time, money, and energy is spent reaching out to the sick, the lost, and the poor.

For the past several years our team has been reaching out to lepers living in colonies isolated from the world.  Leprosy exists in many places of the world. In the province where we do the majority of our leprosy ministry there are hundreds of leprosy quarantine colonies.

This is a brother from a leprosy village in Asia. Here he is pictured next to his 'skateboard' that he uses to get around since he can no longer walk due to the disease. He is having a joyous time playing frisbee for the first time in his life. 

Leprosy is a cruel disease that affects the nervous system and causes nerve damage. The deadened nerves no longer feel so wounds and injuries to the affected areas become damaged and infected. This cruel disease often takes the hands, feet, and even the eyelids of it’s victims.

By far the most devastating thing that Leprosy victims suffer is rejection. Society forbids them from entering public transportation and even many hospitals will not treat them. We are teaching them about Jesus who loves them and accepts them. God is moving amongst these leprosy colonies. There is a unique window of opportunity to lead the leprosy victims to the Lord before they die off from old age.

We are aggressively helping victims of leprosy improve their lives through medical care and supplies, water and food development projects, and installing showers to maintain good hygiene and reduce wound infection rates.  Will you support His Feet International through prayer and giving?

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