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 This book is the culmination of serving as a missionary in a foreign field that is hostile to the Gospel and a lifelong quest to understand the Kingdom of God and spread the word of Christ. Author Todd Matthews draws from 25 years of international ministry experience to share with you biblical truths about God’s mission and His Kingdom. Todd & wife Michelle’s heart has always been for the unreached. After serving for 13 years in a country with over 1 billion people that have never heard the name of Jesus before, Todd & Michelle founded the ministry His Feet International. His Feet International exists to reach unreached people groups with the Gospel, make disciples, and plant churches. Because it goes with the territory part of the mission of His Feet International is to care for the leprous, the persecuted, and the poor.

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I now have a much greater understanding of Gods Kingdom and my mission in it

Indiana, PA

Finally the average christian can be equipped to experience the fullness of the Kingdom.


Unlock God's Plan for Your Life, and Find Where It Fits into His Kingdom

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