By: Todd Matthews

Helicopters, Tarps, and Miracles in Nepal 

 May 12, 2015

Tuesday May 12, 2015

Update on His Feet International Earthquake Relief Fund in Nepal

Title: Miracles, Helicopters, and Tarps in Nepal

Today another 7.4 earthquake rattled Nepal. This is less than 2 ½ weeks after the 8.4 quake that affected nearly 8 million people.

Since the time of the first earthquake we have been in consistent communication with my good friend of more than ten years, Noel Isaacs. Noel oversees 8 churches in Nepal.  Noel is His Feet International’s representative in Nepal.

One of the villages I traveled to in 2004, named Gatlang, was completely destroyed by the first quake. Miraculously nobody was killed. It was only about three days ago that Noel was finally able to access Gatlang by helicopter.   He brought with him doctors, food, and relief supplies.

Early in this process Noel conveyed to me two of the greatest needs… tarps and helicopters. Immediately I went to work on both of these needs. My team in China worked tirelessly to secure a shipment of tarps. 260 tarps will arrive in Nepal on May 18th.

Securing helicopters seemed to be an impossible feat at first. After some work and a lot of prayer, I was able to connect with Mission Aviation Fellowship. MAF and Fishtail air are now providing helicopter usage to our organization His Feet International at a huge discount. Noel registered His Feet International with MAF/Fishtail Air in Nepal and secured a discounted rate!   Three more helicopter trips are scheduled to access remote villages this week with doctors and relief goods.

We will continue to meet the most pressing needs even through the rebuilding process.   Please pray for Nepal as today’s quake caused more road collapses and further devastation. The monsoon season is eminent. This could really make matters worse.

Thank you to all who donated to our Earthquake Relief Fund. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation click the donate button below.  The needs are endless at this point.  Please pray for Nepal!

Gratefully Called,

His Feet International


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