Handicapped & Medical Needs


Throughout the years we have always strived to help those with physical disabilities and emergency medical situations. In Asia’s largest and poorest nations you can still see young victims of cruel diseases like polio. The streets of some places in Asia are laced with those who cannot walk. Some are permanently bent over and for others their only way of getting around is crawling. Many are forced to beg.  

We provide wheelchairs, facilitate doctors’ visits, and help with major surgeries. 

We also help Christians and House Church pastors with emergency medical needs. We’ve helped people with heart surgery, child-birthing costs, burn victims, and many other people to receive quality dignified medical care.

Because in most Asian countries medical treatment is almost always on cash up front basis many Christians, Pastors, Leprosy victims, and people living on the streets cannot afford treatment. This fund exists to help people to receive quality medical care.


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