The Emergency Relief Ministry

When Crisis Strikes, We Respond

Inspired by Christ, your generosity makes a profound difference in the lives of those facing crisis. Your support provides life-saving essentials like food, water, and shelter to those who have lost everything.

Responding Rapidly To Disaster

His Feet International is driven by Christ's call to care for the suffering in their hour of greatest need. We work internationally in countries where government aid is extremely limited or nonexistent. We have been providing emergency relief and meeting the urgent needs of God's family since 1995.

His Feet International has built relationships with church leaders all over Asia. Utilizing this trusted network, we are ready to respond when there is a natural disaster, a global pandemic, or someone with a critical need.

Food and Water Distribution

We deliver nourishing meals and clean water to those who have lost access to basic necessities.

Emergency Shelter

We work to provide temporary shelter for families displaced by disasters or hardship.

Disaster Response

Relying on a trusted network of church leaders throughout Asia, we are poised to respond quickly to disasters.

Medical Aid

We respond to urgent and critical medical needs, ensuring that the suffering receive the relief they need.

Freeing the Captive

His Feet International recognizes that crisis can take many forms. Beyond responding to natural disasters and critical medical needs, we have had the opportunity to assist in the rescue and rehabilitation of women trapped in sex slavery. Human trafficking is an enormous and staggering dilemma that especially affects underdeveloped communities. Our ministry is working in many such communities and is aware of the dangers that women and young girls face. We are committed to protecting those who are vulnerable and, whenever possible, rescuing those already trapped.

The Heart of Our Mission

While our Emergency Relief Ministry focuses on meeting urgent physical needs, at the heart of our mission is our commitment to the Gospel. The relief we provide is a strategic platform that allows us to share the love of Jesus with those who are hurting most. Disaster often makes hearts more open to God's Word. When you invest in this ministry, you are changing lives for now and eternity.

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