Emergency & Critical Needs

Emergency & Critical Needs

Current Emergency and Critical Need: Earthquake relief in Turkey

Turkey recently suffered a massive earthquake. His Feet has a board member on the ground in Turkey distributing relief. Please join our effort to help provide support for those affected by 

the devastation that has occurred. Relief efforts are being coordinated by His Feet International and include providing food, water, first aid, and spiritual support to those affected. More updates will be posted in the future

Emergency Relief and Critical Needs

Part of being “His Feet” means giving water to the thirsty, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked. His Feet International has a long history of providing emergency relief and meeting critical needs for God’s family. Both faithful followers of Jesus and the unreached have been benefitted from our care. 

Currently we are feeding people who have been devastated by the economic crash caused by Covid-19 shutdowns. We have been involved in earthquake relief since 1995. His Feet has responded to the needs of those devastated by fires, floods, and medical conditions. Women trapped in sex-slavery have been rescued because God uses this ministry.

The reason that we are ready is because His Feet has relationships amongst church leaders all over Asia. When there is a natural disaster, a global pandemic, or one person with a critical need, His Feet donors love to help.

Your donations keep us in that unique position to show God’s love in so many practical ways.

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