7 Helicopter Transports Provided &  Tarps Made It Through Customs   May 23, 2015






Progress Report & Continued Plan

His Feet has been able to provide 7 helicopter transports that have taken food, blankets, tents, tarps, medical supplies, and doctors to villages that are still inaccessible by road.  Ten more transports are planned and possible more after that.

Through the generosity of His Feet supporters and partners we’ve shipped close to one ton of large, heavy-duty 20X16 tarps.  It probably won’t surprise you that the tarps came out of China.  Our team in China quickly went to work in securing the tarps.  It was pretty amazing that they were able to find the tarps ready made and at the regular price.  Typically in Asia when a disaster strikes tarps increase in price, get sold out, and then have to be produced.

Another delay that we were able to avoid was customs in China and Nepal!  This was nothing short of amazing.  China customs had orders backed up for 6 weeks at three key airports. Our team was able to get our shipment sent near the front of the line.

The Way Forward:

His Feet is committed to help in all phases of the plan to help.   Relief is still needed as some villages are just now getting regular access.  Continued aftershocks and monsoon rains are delaying the recovery process.  There is a solid plan in place for the recovery and rebuild phases.  Your help is still needed.

Another Devastating Quake Hits Nepal – May 12,2015

Today another devastating quake rocked Nepal.  It registered 7.4 on the Richter Scale.  Thankfully His Feet International representative Noel Isaacs (Senior Pastor of Kathmandu Vineyard Church and Leader of Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches) is fine.  I spoke with Noel just moments ago and this new quake did significant damage because of how long the quake lasted.

Noel has secured helicopter access through His Feet International to several remote villages who are not accessible by road.  Noel and His Feet International will continue to provide relief, transport doctors, workers, and relief supplies to these villages.  Right now a shipment of much needed tarps is scheduled to arrive in Nepal on Monday the 18th.  Three helicopter relief trips are booked.

DSCN1987Here’s a picture when I visited Nepal in 2008.  His Feet International Nepal Earthquake Representative Noel Isaacs and his family are in the middle of the pic.  Please pray for them and please consider donating below.  The needs are enormous after such devastation.

Nepal Earthquake Relief  – April 25, 2015

You have no doubt heard of the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake centered near Kathmandu, Nepal, earlier this weekend. The images are heartbreaking. The death toll has exceeded 3,000 as of this writing, and will no doubt increase substantially as many who are now missing are later found buried under rubble.

Thankfully, His Feet International has a network of several pastors in Nepal many of whom are strategically located near the hardest hit areas. Even one village I have personally visited has lost nearly all of its 60 homes. Another two pastors are also reporting all homes lost in their two villages as well. As you read this they have already begun using this devastating national crisis to further the gospel by counseling traumatized survivors, comforting those who’ve lost loved ones, and meeting emergency needs for food, medicine and shelter.

But these pastors and missionaries desperately need more resources. To help us help these servants bring relief to earthquake survivors in Jesus’ name, click donate below.  Your gift will help provide them with resources that are immediately needed.

Here is a picture friends from Nepal sent of some damage right down the street from their church in Kathmandu.










The Bigger Picture: 

Our team is available and ready to bring relief in cases of natural disaster.  This is on top of our ministry to Leprosy colonies, street ministry, unreached people groups, and Biblical training.  Sometimes these surprises come and God calls us to be his ambassadors right in the middle of our regular ministry.  We are always willing to say “yes” to the Lord’s call.  Saying “yes” can put a toll on our resources.  Will you help to keep us ready and available?

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