By: Todd Matthews

Earthquake Relief In Turkey 

 February 12, 2023

Although we are humbled to be recommended as Ministry Voice’s featured organization for earthquake relief in Turkey. This is no time to celebrate because the people of Turkey are suffering far too much. We share this news because we hope this recommendation will help further our relief efforts in Turkey.  
Also, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) listed His Feet International third on its list of recommended ministries for Emergency Earthquake Relief for Turkey in a recent mass email underscoring the need to help desperate people.
His Feet International board member, Joe Fischer has been in Antakya, one of the hardest hit areas, delivering food, water, toiletries, diesel fuel, and emergency supplies. His team drove 18 hours through the night in a blizzard bringing some of the first aid to Antakya.
One target of their help was a small church. Amazingly the 50 church members were all accounted for, although most lost everything and have relatives who did not survive the quake. Two church members have houses still standing. Even though they have cracks in the walls they’re using the houses as distribution centers.

There is no electricity, natural gas, or water. The gasoline stations have collapsed or don’t have fuel. Stores are destroyed and the closest place to get goods is about a six-hour drive. People stand for hours in hope they can fill up their jug with diesel to burn in heaters and generators. We are sending vanloads of packaged foods, water, toiletries, diesel, and first aid to come in on a consistent basis. 
Each van shipment costs $1000 and helps about 200 people. There is not enough aid or government help, forcing individuals to dig thru the rubble for survivors. 
The biggest need right now in Turkey is for food and emergency relief distribution.

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