Discipleship and Leadership Training

leadership training

For any work that is established amongst unreached people to flourish it requires making disciples and equipping leaders. We accomplish this goal through Biblical discipleship and leadership training. New believers are immediately given opportunity to participate in discipleship training modules. They are also resourced through our Bibles and discipleship training materials fund. Discipleship training is of utmost importance because of the influence of cults that prey on Christians in this part of the world.  Laying a foundation in the faith through the word of God is absolutely necessary for a healthy multiplying church to emerge. During discipleship training leaders are identified and equipped specifically as church leaders.

Training National Missionaries to reach unreached people groups and the least of these!

Another aspect of our training ministry is training and equipping national missionaries to take the Gospel to unreached people groups. We regularly equip and send national missionaries to the unreached to plant the Gospel and minister to the poor.

Training House Church Leaders & House Church Seminaries -

Our training ministry also reaches deep into the large and vast House Church Networks in Asia's most populated country.  We regularly teach and train students in several "underground" seminaries.  Will you help us to continue to make disciples and train leaders?

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