Disciple-Making Ministry

Equipping Disciples and Raising Christian Leaders

His Feet International is laboring to reach Unreached People Groups with the Gospel. But once an unreached person receives Christ, our work has only begun. We are committed to equipping new disciples and raising Christian leaders, especially in communities that lack access to biblical teaching and resources.

Equipping Disciples By Providing Bibles

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A deep understanding of God's Word is the foundation of a strong and growing Christian faith. But tragically, millions of Christians worldwide lack access to Bibles in their native language. In some communities, many are illiterate and are in need of the Bible in audio format.

Some lack Scripture due to poverty. Others live under governments where it is illegal to own a Bible. Still others go without God's Word because no Bible has been translated in their native language yet.

Whatever the reason, our Disciple-Making Ministry is committed to changing this. His Feet International partners with missionaries and local Christians in remote regions to distribute Bibles. By placing Scripture directly in the hands of those who need it most, grateful Christians are receiving the spiritual nourishment they need to grow and to be a witness.

Equipping Disciples to Share the Gospel

We are compelled by the Great Commission to share the Good News of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection with the entire world. Yet there are vast populations still unreached. These populations consist of Unreached People Groups and marginalized communities.

The most powerful way to spread the Gospel in a community is to equip indigenous Christians to share Christ with their own people. These Christians are not held back by cultural or linguistic barriers.

His Feet International provides intensive training for new believers who are from Unreached People Groups. Through this training, these Christians develop the knowledge and practice they need to boldly share their faith with their surrounding community.

Raising Christian Leaders Through Biblical Training

In countries where Christians are a minority, strong leadership is essential for the health and growth of the Church. This is why we provide in-depth discipleship training modules and underground house church seminaries in regions where Christians suffer persecution.

During this training, we identify those who have the spiritual maturity and gifting to be church leaders. Our curriculum equips these leaders with a foundational understanding of God's Word. This understanding is absolutely necessary for a healthy, multiplying Church to emerge.

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Making Disciples of All Nations...

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