Children's Ministry

Providing a Brighter Future

Children living in poverty face hardships no child should know, including hunger, unsafe environments, physical abuse, and lack of education. His Feet International's Children's Ministry is committed to changing this reality for children in some of the most impoverished nations on earth. Your help makes this life-changing ministry possible. Through your support, you can give a child a brighter future, not only in this life, but for eternity.

His Feet's Mission

The Children's Ministry exists to serve the world's most vulnerable children. We want every child to be fed, to be safe, to have hope for the future, and to know Jesus.

We accomplish this mission by meeting both spiritual and practical needs in communities where children are at greatest risk. We invite you to find your place in this mission through your support today.

The Challenges Children Face

Children growing up in underdeveloped communities face a variety of challenges that threaten their well-being, growth, and potential. A few of these issues include:


Crippling poverty is at the heart of so many challenges that children face. Food insecurity leaves many children malnourished and unable to get the nutrients their growing minds and bodies need.

Lack of Education

Poverty makes it impossible for many parents to send their children to school. As a result, these children lack opportunities and the cycle of poverty continues. Education can break this cycle.

Forced Labor and Trafficking

Many parents struggle to find work and become desperate to feed their families. Sadly, some young children are forced to work to help support their families. Worse, many became vulnerable to trafficking.


As a result of malnourishment, children suffer from a variety of health issues that are avoidable. Lack of basic healthcare means that children often go without the medical treatment that they need when they are sick.

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Protecting Children From Trafficking

Children in vulnerable communities across Southeast Asia are especially vulnerable to human trafficking, a crime that includes sexual exploitation, forced labor, and forced marriages. A rise in child trafficking is linked to increased child pornography. Traffickers often prey on vulnerable children, including those orphaned or separated from their families due to conflicts and natural disasters. His Feet International is helping to educate children and families in at-risk communities about the dangers of trafficking. Education is a crucial step in preventing the evil of trafficking from spreading.

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Serving Children with Disabilities

In third-world countries, children with disabilities often face neglect and social stigma. They sometimes grow up believing they are a burden to their families. Parents lack the financial resources to provide essential care and support. Sadly, some children with disabilities are abandoned or hidden away due to deeply ingrained cultural prejudices. We provide these children with the special care they need and, when necessary, help to place them in loving families.

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How You Can Help

The Children's Ministry seeks to address the material, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that children face. With a strong emphasis on the Gospel, we share Jesus' love in tangible and practical ways.

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Food Relief

Malnourishment is one of the greatest challenges facing the children we serve. We provide nutritious meals through feeding programs, food distributions, and emergency relief efforts. Adequate nourishment is vital for a child's physical development, cognitive function, and overall health. By fighting hunger, you enable children to learn, grow, and thrive.


Education is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty. It opens doors to better opportunities, increases earning potential, and enables children to pursue a brighter future for themselves and their communities. By providing an education, you can change the entire course of a child's life.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Above all else, children need to know Jesus and His love for them. Sharing the Gospel is central in all that we do. For children who choose to follow Jesus, we provide ongoing discipleship and resources to nurture their faith.

Jesus Loves the Little Children, All the Children of the World...

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Change a Child's Life for Eternity

Your faithful support not only meets immediate and tangible needs. It also lays the groundwork for the Gospel to be shared and provides ongoing discipleship for children who come to faith in Jesus. You are impacting young lives for eternity.