By: Todd Matthews

Bringing Bibles and Supplies to Refugee Children in Burma 

 June 13, 2022

His Feet recently took a trip deep into Thailand along the Thai/Burma border. Our objective was to visit and bring relief to two schools that His Feet has been supporting for a few years now. One of the Children's refuge home is deep in the jungles of Burma housing around 60 displaced children. The other Refugee school is on the Thai side and has been a faithful Bible school for young Thai men and women Refugees of Karen minority. The school has been thriving and the school of about 30 students are on fire for God. We had the opportunity to hand deliver many supplies to them. Including Bibles, Food, Mosquito nets, Water filters, Sport equipment, etc.

 Next we took a boat ride across the river into Burma escorted by Karen Army soldiers. This was a very dangerous mission because Burma has been a civil war-torn country for years now with people dying every week. After arriving on land we loaded up a truck with supplies and headed deep into the Burmese jungle to reach a children's home housing displaced children. Most of the children had to suddenly leave their families and hike for days to reach safety in the school. Some of the children don't know if their families that they left behind are still alive. Their faces lit up with happiness when we finally arrived. they immediately came and helped us off-load the truck. Bibles, toys, food, water filters, mosquito nets, are just some of the supplies we brought. We then attended one of their Bible services and even had the chance to preach. The children love to worship. after worshiping, having lunch, and playing with the kids for a few hours, it was time to leave before the heavy rain made it impossible for us to make it back through the muddy dirt jungle roads.

No matter what it takes we are so grateful that together we get to be His Feet to the nations! 

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