Bibles and Christian Materials

Bibles and Christian Materials

Bibles and Discipleship Training Materials –

His Feet International has been part of the distribution of tens of thousands of Bibles, evangelism, and Christian training materials. Some even in ethnic tribal languages! In Asia’s largest nation we receive shipments from printers and we distribute them. 

There is still a crisis in Asia when it comes to the supply and demand of Bibles. It is very difficult for Christians living in villages to attain Bibles and Christian materials.   Our ministry is a link in the supply chain to get Bibles to hard places. While printing costs are relatively cheap it can be quite costly to get Bibles to those  in rural areas.  In cities and towns that are under tighter government control it can be very difficult to get Bibles.  For us to get them Bibles can be risky and expensive.  

MP3 devices used in Oral Learning Cultures -

The people in oral learning cultures are predominantly illiterate but masters of stories, parables, and what is spoken. Why? This is because their ears and memory are better trained than those of us who rely on books and computers.  

The MP3 devices we distribute are loaded with the Bible, Christian life teaching, and praise and worship music. Many village churches use these devices to satisfy the intense hunger for God that is seen in so many places where God is revealing himself.

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