Bible Quiz Answer Page

Bible Quiz Answer Key

1. How many books are in the Bible? Answer: (66)

2. What did God create on the fourth day? Answer: The sun, moon, and stars

3. Who was the blind man that shouted out to Jesus over the crowds? Answer: Bartimaeus

4. How many silver peices did Judas betray Jesus for? Answer: 30 silver peices 

5. Who was the translator of the Bible into English? Answer: William Tyndale

6. Who was the oldest person in the Bible? Answer: Methuselah 

7. On what mountain did Moses receive the law (Ten Commandments) from God? Answer: Mount Sinai 

8. What does 'eve' mean? Answer: Mother of all living

9. What was the name of the mountain where Abraham took Issac to be sacrificed? Answer: Mount Moriah 

10. In what language was the old testament written? Answer: Hebrew

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