By: Todd Matthews

Beaten by Her Father for Her Faith 

 February 29, 2024

It was a Sunday. Francine was standing in the temple, quietly singing along as the choir played a hymn of praise. She looked around and thought to herself, “something is still missing.”

Since that day, she yearned for something more. She no longer wanted the religion she lived in day by day in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Instead she wanted relationship.

In November of 2021, her friends brought her to our partner church that preaches the Bible and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. At the time, Francine didn’t know that this would result in a deeper friendship with not only her friends, but a real relationship with Jesus too.

That day in November in the Philippines, Francine found exactly what was missing from her life and that remains her most memorable experience. She surrendered her life to God that day, and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

That was the most beautiful day, but unfortunately Francine had to pay an expensive cost.

“Where were you?” her father would yell as soon as she opened the tarp that served as a door. He would grab her face and forcefully demand an answer. The pain in her jaw and the re-opened wound from the last time he beat her left her with no choice but to quietly say, “I went to Church again.”

She hoped her honesty would stop her father from beating her worse, but it resulted in a sharp slap to the face.

As tears and blood ran down her face, she ran to her room. Yet, the next week she went to church again, and the next week, and the next week… Each time she came home, she would experience scolding and beating. But, she never lost her hope.

April 17, 2022 Francine was baptized. She couldn’t help but to cry tears of joy as she was publicly professing her relationship in Jesus and not professing her parents religion that she was forced into at such a young age.

She had been receiving food distributions that you, donors of His Feet International have provided. This deeply softened her father’s heart and he openly started to allow her to attend all of the church activities. Francine’s heart is overflowing and she has continued to grow in discipleship as a follower of Jesus.

Image of feeding program in the Philippines
Feeding the Children of the Forgotten Community

The Bigger Picture

God is doing amazing things in the Philippines and in our work there. However, the Philippines does have many cults. Your support helps us to proclaim the Gospel and teach the Bible. Once again, there is a generation being raised up in the Philippines that will go into all the world. It was a great joy working with Filipino missionaries for all those years we served in China. We are working to reach and raise up the next generation.

His Feet International is reaching impoverished communities in several places in the Philippines, encouraging church planting movements, and reaching unreached people groups in the sensitive area of Mindinao.

Please pray with Francine that the Lord would continue softening her fathers heart and for her entire family to come to know Jesus.

Thank you for supporting His Feet International. We helped to change Francine’s life by providing her with food and helped the church in the Forgotten Community to reach the lost and the hurting.

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