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Pastors are being hunted and killed in Afghanistan

Pastors are being hunted and many are in hiding. The withdrawal of the United States military from Afghanistan was a complete debacle. Among the terrible ramifications... the growing church is suffering persecution from the Taliban.

The Refugee Crisis

Another dreadful result this withdrawal created is a refugee crisis. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are fleeing to bordering nations. Thankfully we have boots on the ground in two bordering nations helping starving refugees right now. One partner is even helping Afghan pastors to escape into neighboring countries.

There are approximately 600,000 new internally displaced people in Afghanistan and 40,000 have crossed into Tajikistan. Many of those crossing the border come with nothing and are completely dehydrated and malnourished. His Feet International is helping those refugees in Tajikistan and Pakistan with food and relief.

How You Can Help

Will you help us to continue to send aid? 

Your help is desperately needed. $5 provides food for 3 days. $50 feeds a family for a month. $75 provides food and hygiene supplies. 

$5 provides food for 3 days

$50 feeds a family for a month

$75 provides food and hygiene supplies


His Feet is seriously committed to using your donations to make as large of an impact as possible this leads of to spend 91% of all donations go to our three primary ministry initiatives. The other 9% goes to meet necessary management expenses this is 24% less than the national average for US based non-profits.

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