By: Todd Matthews

A Typhoon Left Hong Kong Devastated, But You Came 

 March 15, 2024

Late last year Hong Kong and many other parts of China took a devastating hit as Typhoon Koinu ravaged the area, causing flooding that hasn’t been seen there in over 500 years. The people watched in devastation and fear as the typhoon caused torrential rain, record breaking flooding and landslides that dropped boulders the size of buses.

Those living on the hillsides watched the devastation only until their own windows and doors became engulfed in mud and debris, leaving them trapped and fearful of ever getting out. Many windows broke and when people came out of hiding they looked down the hillsides and realized no one was getting in either. The villages on the mountainsides were inaccessible. Another lockdown had come.

Families rushed to find each other and seek out a safe place, but somehow nowhere seemed to feel safe. Hong Kong and its people were left with destroyed homes, stores, cars, severe injuries and hearts filled with despair. The loss they experienced from September 29th to October 10th was insurmountable.

People already struggling to make ends meet were set back further.

Damage caused by typhoon


Person receiving aid

If you support His Feet International, you were a part of rushing to help those whose lives were turned upside down. With your help, we were able to provide weeks worth of food and supplies to over a thousand people. Not only that, we were also able to pray with people and share the Gospel.

The food and supplies were taken by foot up the mountains into the villages because the roads were so damaged- they were impassible. Our teams went door to door for the elderly and disabled, if they couldn’t come to distribution in churches. Several families have come to know Jesus, even some from mainland China who are Gospel deprived. Follow up is ongoing.

Relief supplies

Thank you. Here is a thank you from one of the families you blessed:

“When I saw how you all blessed me and my family, even though it was raining so hard and the streets were flooded, but you all still came in and worked together to get the supplies to us and our neighbors these several days, I was touched. My husband especially was greatly touched by the way that you all worked together. You not only came with supplies to begin with but you continued to come and you prayed with us.”

Would You Give to Help His Feet International continue ministering around the world?

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